Homeownership Library

Education is the best way to prepare for homeownership, and New Hampshire Housing is here to help with this free library of resources. Browse our guides, brochures, and more!

Becoming a Homeowner Study Guide

This guide is a print version of our online homeownership course and is a great way to prepare for homeownership!



Fair Housing - Equal Opportunity for All

Offered by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the Fair Housing Act, what it covers, what is prohibited and how to file a complaint.


Get A Home Inspection

This document explains the importance of having a home inspection prior to purchase.


Homebuyer Tax Credit Brochure

If you have questions about the Homebuyer Tax Credit, you’ll find the answers here. This brochure details what the Homebuyers Tax Credit is, how it works and how to apply for it.


Homeownership Work Plan Workbook

This workbook is a useful and sometimes required resource. It walks you through the homebuying process by detailing everything you should know. Use it as an informative family exercise to help you understand where you are, what you want in a home, and the steps it takes to get there.



HUD's Homeowners Guide To Success

If you’re experiencing hardship, you might be wondering what bills to pay and whether you can still afford your home. This booklet provides practical guidance on what to expect and what choices you may have to make when struggling to pay your mortgage.


Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Program

This brochure is a useful resource for people interested in removing lead from their homes.


Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

This brochure gives a detailed description of the harmfulness of lead in the home, how it enters the body, the health effects, and how you can protect your family.


Realizing the Dream

Realizing the Dream offers you a step-by-step guide to homeownership. All of the considerations you must make are detailed, and the homebuying process is thoroughly mapped out for you. If you’re considering buying a home, this is a valuable resource.


Steps to Homeownership

A quick reference for the process of buying a home, written in a helpful step-by-step format.


Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

A valuable resource for homebuyers seeking home inspections, which covers what you should look for, questions you should ask and what to expect.


The Reality of Recapture Brochure

Here is a simple explanation for people who could benefit from our Single Family Mortgage Program.


Language Access Resources - Translated Mortgage Documents

The Language Access Resources provided by the Federal Housing Administration  (FHA) provides more than 30 single-family mortgage documents in the five most common languages spoke by households with Limited English Proficiency.  Documents are available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.