Home First Program Limits (for loans reserved on or after 6/1/2023)

1stGenHomeNH Borrower Affidavit

1stGenHomeNH Borrower Affidavit for reservations on or after 9/1/23

1stGenHomeNH Marketing Sheet (English)

1stGenHomeNH Marketing Sheet (Spanish)

Application package for re-issuing a Homebuyer Tax Credit

Assignment of Mortgage (legal size)

Borrowers Authorization

Cash Assistance Mortgage Program Disclosure

Cash Assistance Mortgage Program Disclosure for reservations made on or after 9/1/23

Cash Assistance Mortgage Wire Transfer Request

Closing Agent Disbursement Instructions

Contractor Approval Worksheet

FHA 203K Letter of Completion

FHA Disclosures

FHA Homeowner/Contractor Agreement

Final Contractors Loan Disbursement Affidavit

Final Disbursement Instructions

Final Owner's Loan Disbursement Affidavit

Flex RD Contractor Approval Worksheet

Forbearance Affidavit

Future Mailing Address

Home First Affidavit of Veteran for Exception

Home First Borrower Closing Affirmation

Home First Conventional Stacking List

Home First Government Stacking List

Home First Gross Annual Compliance Income Calculation Guidance

Home First Income Calculation Worksheet

Home First Land Use Borrower Affidavit

Home First Lender Closing Certification

Home First Mortgage/Note Tax-Exempt Financing Rider

Home First Recapture Limits (Effective 6/1/23)

Home First Recapture Notification and Borrower(s) Affidavit

Home First Targeted Areas

Home Flex 203k Document Checklist

Home Flex Closing Agent Disbursement Instructions

Home Flex Notice of Construction Mortgage

Home Flex Owner’s Disbursement Affidavit

Home Flex Stacking List

Home Preferred Approved Private Mortgage Insurers

Home Preferred Fees

Home Preferred MH ROC Affidavit of Intent

Home Preferred MH ROC Recognition Agreement

Home Preferred MH ROC Rider

Home Preferred MH ROCs Info Sheet for Borrowers

Home Preferred MH ROCs Stacking List

Home Preferred Stacking List

Homebuyer Tax Credit 2023 Recapture Limits (Effective 6/1/23)

Homebuyer Tax Credit Application Package with New Hampshire Housing Mortgages

Homebuyer Tax Credit Application Package without New Hampshire Housing Mortgages

Homebuyer Tax Credit Borrower Notification

Homebuyer Tax Credit Borrower Qualification Worksheet

Homebuyer Tax Credit Brochure

Homebuyer Tax Credit Fees

Homebuyer Tax Credit Household Income Calculation Worksheet

Homebuyer Tax Credit Income and Purchase Price Limits (for HBTC reservations on or after 6/1/23)

Homebuyer Tax Credit Income and Purchase Price Limits (for reservations made prior to 6/1/23)

Homebuyer Tax Credit Land Use Borrower Affidavit

Homebuyer Tax Credit Reservation Form

Homebuyer Tax Credit Targeted Area List

Homeowner/Contractor Agreement

Homeownership Program Income Limits Comparison Matrix

Initial Owners Loan Disbursement Affidavit

Lender Exception Request and Acknowledgement

MERS Affidavit - Lender

MERS Sample Assignment

Mortgagee Change Request Letter

NH Housing Lender Selling Guide

NH Housing Letter on Legally Liable/Obligated

Notice of Assignment, Sale, or Transfer of Servicing Rights

PO Cash Assistance Program Disclosure

PO Closing Agent List

PO Contact Information Sheet

PO Home Flex Plus Stacking List

PO Home Flex Stacking List

PO Home Preferred Plus Stacking List

PO Home Preferred Stacking List

PO LE Disclosure Submission Form

Property Tax Exemption Disclosure

RD Max Mortgage Worksheet

Rehab Disbursement Instructions

Rehab Welcome Letter

Reservation of Funds.pdf

Tax Transfer Letter

Trailing Document Contact Form

Uniform Condo Questionnaire

VAMO Closing Certification

VAMO Payment Authorization