Who We Are

Why Choose New Hampshire Housing

New Hampshire Housing helps homebuyers like you achieve successful homeownership by offering affordable mortgages and other assistance. Our programs are targeted to homebuyers with incomes up to $137,400

Some of the advantages of our programs include low downpayment requirements, cash to help with downpayment and closing costs, the homebuyer tax credit and low mortgage insurance options

We work through a network of local Participating Lenders. If you would like to see if you qualify for one of our programs, contact a New Hampshire Housing Participating Lender.

We also support responsible homeownership through a variety of online and in-person education options that are free or low-cost to potential homebuyers.

Our Values

New Hampshire Housing's mission is to promote, finance and support affordable housing and related services for the people of New Hampshire.

Our Homeownership team is committed to providing safe, fixed-rate mortgages to low- and moderate-income homebuyers. We value and work to promote:

  • Responsible lending practices;
  • Education and information for homebuyers; and
  • Successful homeownership, through an active and engaged consumer.

By supporting homeownership education and counseling, offering responsible mortgage products, and providing resources for homeowners to succeed, we hope to build a better economic future for New Hampshire residents.

In addition to mortgage programs, we offer rental assistance programs, financing for affordable multi-family housing, and data about the housing market. For information about what we do beyond mortgages, please visit www.nhhfa.org.


What is my first step to homeownership?

Your first step to homeownership is homebuyer education and counseling from a qualified nonprofit homeownership advisor.

Purchasing a home is a long-term investment that, if managed properly, can provide years of enjoyment, safety, and memories.

Once you have educated yourself, contact a New Hampshire Housing Participating Lender to see how much home you qualify to purchase.


How do I get a New Hampshire Housing Mortgage?

Our programs are offered through a network of local Participating Lenders.  If you are ready to move forward and purchase a home, contact a Participating Lender today.


What if my credit is a concern? Can I still buy a house?

Credit is a major factor when determining if you qualify for a home.  If you are concerned about your readiness to purchase a home because of credit concerns, income concerns or a lack of a downpayment, either attend a homebuyer education workshop or contact a homeownership advisor for help.


Do you offer refinancing?

New Hampshire Housing does provide refinancing options. Our refinance programs are good for people who have limited equity in their property or are looking for a low- or no-mortgage insurance option.

To see if you would qualify for one of our refinancing programs, contact a New Hampshire Housing Participating Lender.